Our mentorship program is aimed at providing a mechanism for members early in their careers to tap into the wisdom and perspective of more seasoned professionals and a means for seasoned professionals to get introduced to the next generation of professionals in our industry.

    How it works:

    • Experienced financial professionals will be assigned motivated mentees for one year on a one-to-one basis
    • All attempts will be made to pair mentors and mentees in similar areas of the financial industry, geographies, and other considerations that will facilitate the relationship
    • The CFA Society Atlanta mentorship committee will connect participants and provide guidelines for interacting throughout the year
    • It will be recommended to connect a minimum of 4 times throughout the year and at least twice in person


    Why mentor?

    • Develop leadership skills as you coach, motivate and empower your mentee
    • Meet and become acquainted with the next generation of industry professionals
    • Give back to the financial community
    • Join a network of current and future mentors


    Why be a mentee?

    • Learn from the wisdom of a seasoned professional
    • Gain new perspective on changes and trends in the finance industry
    • Receive valuable advice on how to properly position yourself for professional growth
    • Expand the reach and quality of your professional network


    Who can be a in the mentorship program?

    Those wishing to become a mentee or mentor must be willing to make a commitment to the program and to accept the responsibilities that accompany the opportunity. Mentees must be members in good standing of CFA Society Atlanta, including membership at any level (Regular, Affiliate, Participant Associate)


    • Must be members of CFA Society Atlanta
    • Have 5 or more years in a finance or investment-related position
    • Complete an online profile 



    • Must be members of CFA Society Atlanta  
    • Agree to not solicit mentor for a position at mentor’s firm or related firms at any time
    • Complete an online profile