Student Associate – Will have the same participation privileges and limitations as described above for Participant Associates, but will pay reduced annual local chapter dues at the level paid by our academic members (currently $45). Student Associates will not have any voting rights concerning CFA Society Atlanta matters, as they are affiliates and not local chapter members, and will not be provided with any CFA Institute-distributed materials, since they will not be members of the CFA Institute. Student Participants will have to provide two CFA Society Atlanta regular members as sponsors along with a copy of their currently valid student identification card or other identification showing that they are a student. The CFA Society Atlanta Membership Committee will assist any applicants who need help in obtaining sponsors.

    Student Associate

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      Hedge Funds
      Venture Capital
      Indexed Equities
      Private Equity
      Fixed Income
      Real Estate
      Institutional Wealth
      Private Wealth
      Institutional & Private Wealth
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